Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dawn Of The Brick

One of the first sets my siblings and I had when we were kids was the Fabuland Amusement Park (Set 3683). As the name suggests, the set is a theme park complete with several attractions: a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, a water slide, a boat ride and some game booths. Initially, I wanted to rebuild the whole set. Unfortunately, I've lost some of the parts so I just built the main section of the set.

The Amusement Park's Ferris wheel, water slide and boat ride
The main attraction. What's with the blank stare, Lionel?
Though I'm not really a fan of Fabuland, I still find this particular set special since it had lots of interesting pieces that made building awesome for us then. For instance, the spiral staircase and window pieces allowed us to create our own two-story house which was pretty cool.

Looking good, Clive. Looking good.
I actually can't remember when we had the Amusement Park or who bought it for us. I just knew it got us hooked with Lego. I'm glad I was able to preserve most of the major pieces. 

Round and round the merry-go-round we go!
Nothing to see here, folks. Just a dirty old booth. Move along!
When I sorted my bricks last week, I also stumbled upon the anthropomorphic figs that were the main characters of the Fabuland theme. I've always thought of these figs as a hybrid between a Duplo fig and a Lego System minifig. I remember using these guys, along with the other damaged minifigs we had, as zombies in one of the stories we tried to recreate with Lego. There were no official Lego zombie minifigs then so we had to make do with this bunch.

Our make-shift zombies. (from L-R): Freddy Fox, Lionel Lion, Maximillian Mouse, Clive Crocodile, Bonnie Rabbit, Hannah Hippopotamus
The 2nd stringers. (from L-R): Charlie Crow, Morty Mouse, Boris Bulldog, Lucy Lamb and Rufus Rabbit
Yeap! Believe or not, we were already into the zombie genre way before The Walking Dead existed. Thanks to our parents, we were exposed to the works of George A. Romero at a very young age and everything we saw on screen, we immediately translated to our Lego playtime. Come to think of it, Lego is the perfect tool to recreate the boarded up house from Night of the Living Dead and the fortified mall from Dawn of the Dead. Thinking of these possible MOCs just make Lego more awesome for me. 

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