Thursday, March 17, 2016

Off To Space, One Brick At A Time

I am a space junkie. I absolutely love reading or watching anything about outer space and space exploration. I strongly believe that space is the next frontier for humanity. If our world's leaders would think and act on that concept fairly and unselfishly, then sailing out to infinity and beyond could give us an alternative to the inevitable dead-end we're facing if we choose to stay put on this pale blue rock.

Lego is probably the biggest influence behind my interest in space. I've been playing with space-themed sets even before I got introduced and hooked into Star Wars, Star Trek and other space opera franchises. There's really something about the figs and vehicles I built and played with as a kid that made my imagination crave for epic adventures in distant unexplored galaxies. I remember how much I badly wanted to be an astronaut back then so I could cruise along the stars on my very own ship.

One of my favorite sets is the Futuron/Blacktron starter pack (Set 6703). For someone like me, that set was a gold mine. With that kit, you instantly get to have you're own space crew and vile villains to play with. It comes with four (4) Futuron figs and two (2) Blacktron figs complete with colored helmets and air tanks. It also gives you several accessories which could double as either weapons or equipment. If I remember correctly, I think I had two boxes of these guys. Now, only a few of those figs remain in good condition. Sadly, the details on the heads and torsos of the bad ones were already faded and worn out.

The remainder of my Futuron and Blacktron figs. Plus 90s City Astronaut and Ice Planet figs thrown into the mix.

Another favorite of mine is the Rock Raiders starter pack (Set 4930). I'm really glad that I was able to save almost every item from this kit. It has five out of six of the main characters from that line and it also has tons of accessories with it. What I really liked about this set is how each figure has its own identity thanks to the unique details on the heads and torsos. I think giving personality to their figs is something Lego has done an excellent job with throughout the years. Just look at the minifigure series Lego has been releasing lately.  

(from L-R): Jet, Docs, Sparks, Axle, Bandit

My biggest dream as an AFOL is to build a highly detailed interstellar vessel of my own design. A part of that dream is to put together a band of figs who will serve as its crew. I currently don't have a good enough design and also enough bricks to flesh this out so I made rounding up them astronauts as the top priority. One of the reasons I decided to put up Nothing But Brick is to chronicle this project. Just thinking about it makes my nuggets tingle!

Wow! It's been quite an entry and I didn't expect it to be this long. If you're still reading at this point, then I'd like to personally thank you for putting up with me. I hope you subscribe and visit Nothing But Brick again. If you're a Lego fan like me, feel free to leave some words in the comments section. I'd be more than happy to holler back. Till next time time, folks! Enjoy the weekend ahead!

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