Friday, April 8, 2016

A Step Closer To Infinity

I'm really giddy about this entry since it's my first MOC post for the blog. Hopefully, this will be the first among many. I've always wanted to try MOCing for the longest time and now that I've started it, I'm hooked! I'm actually proud of how this one turned out.

The Anti-gravity Field Generator and its inventor.

One of the main reasons I collect Lego is to flesh out several ideas brewing in my head for a science fiction story I wish to pen someday. I never had the hand to draw character designs and sketch storyboards. To compensate, I decided to try to use Lego as a medium to create objects which will eventually exist in my fictional universe.

The whole build from a different angle.

The inventor's work space. I added minor details to make the MOC have a realistic feel. The armored figure, for instance, will give you a hint of the inventor's ethnicity.

I made this build while sorting through my bricks a couple of weeks ago. Some of the pieces made me remember some of the basic concepts I learned from college back when I was an engineering student. Here's a breakdown of some of them:
1. The main generator is composed of three magnetic rings and a single turbine that is suspended in the middle. The turbine should turn if sufficient power is applied on the rings. This kinda reminds me of an electromagnetic coil.

2. The tanks at the bottom server as a cooling system to prevent the generator from overheating.

3. The long tubes on the side of the main tank are exhaust pipes leading to a vent to allow heat to escape.

4. A shaft supports the main engine's weight in the middle of the main tank. This is also where the cooling agent is directly applied.

This creation is a vignette of a brilliant aerospace engineer who is testing the final configuration of his precious project, an anti-gravity field generator. He has spent most of his life building a working prototype and has finally managed to perfect it. Fulfilled with his achievement, the old and wise inventor is now contemplating if mankind deserves to benefit from his creation.

* * *

"It is done. After years of hard work, the generator has stabilized. We can finally begin our journey towards the stars and take a step closer to infinity. The vastness of space is waiting to be explored and with the Anti-gravity Field Generator, I am certain this possibility will be realized. Yet, there's a growing certainty in my heart that we are not ready for this responsibility. I fear that the powerful corporations will do all they can to obtain my creation to exploit and monetize this future undertaking just like how they have exhausted and sold every valuable resource this planet offered. In the wrong hands, this device will do more harm than good. We have not grown and we have not realized that we are living on borrowed time on this dying rock. Ultimately, my greatest fear is to witness this tool of our salvation become the catalyst to our doom." ~ Dr. Sora Ohashi

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