Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lego Out And Have Fun!

My wife and I make sure that we spend the weekends with the kids since we're both busy with work and school during weekdays. Yesterday, we went to one of our favorite malls and unexpectedly encountered a mini Lego event at one of its activity halls. This was indeed a pleasant surprise for us.

Since it was a Lego event, there were several displays that were too awesome you just had to take of them. As you can see, there were giant minifigs standing guard around the venue making sure everybody's safe.

There was one display with a base made out of bricks and an erupting volcano as a backdrop. Good for those "I'm standing on molten lava" photo ops.

One of the displays was a cool motor boat where folks could have their pictures taken while riding the waves.

At one side of the venue, there's even a huge Lego city filled with MOCs and official sets that were brilliantly put together.

We learned that the main attraction of the event was a MOC contest for kids, which I think is an awesome way to encourage them young bloods to think and be creative folk.

We didn't get to stay too long since we had other plans for the day. Though it was cut short, we had an awesome time checking out the cool stuff that was at the venue. I really hope that Lego and its partner/s here in the Philippines would hold more events like this not just for kids but also for AFOLs like myself. Just look at the faces of these guys:

Hope you y'all had a great Saturday too. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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