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Mission Briefing

Today, I'll be featuring a MOC I recently completed using the old bricks I previously sorted. I mentioned in one of my entries that I plan to sort my stash by brick type. I actually started doing that bit by bit and it seems it's the sorting scheme that saves me a lot of time looking for bricks. I still haven't finished doing this since I've been pretty busy with work. Also, I still don't have a permanent storage solution. Just to give you an idea, I'm still using them plastic wares from our kitchen but this time, I've resorted to using zip locks to segregate bricks. Really helpful, them zip locks are! Anyway, back to the MOC. So for this week's build, I decided to create a briefing scene of a group of space pilots who are about to be deployed on a mission.

The briefing begins.

Top View. The Briefing Room

Let's talk about the figs first. Back when I was just starting to build my space army, I was torn between using the uniforms of the Lego City and Galaxy Squad astronauts. In the end, I chose the former because of the details on the torso. It had the feel of traditional NASA space suits but also kinda looked like air force flight suits, which was exactly the grounded and realistic design I was looking for. The Galaxy Squad exosuits were too advanced for the theme that I had in mind though I still think those are cool due to the matching helmets. More importantly, since I was confined to a really tight budget, I realized I had to go for the City astronauts since the Space Moon Buggy kit (Set 3365) is cheaper than all of the Galaxy Squad sets that had the figs I wanted. Finally, the last touch is the head gear from the Minifigures Series 13 Galaxy Trooper fig. 

The senior officers of my squadron.

These guys are really special to me and I plan to have them play significant roles in my story. The current working name of their unit is the 24th Tactical Armored Squadron or 24th TASq. They are a group of highly trained mech pilots that specialize in space combat particularly in extravehicular assault and defense protocols for interstellar vessels. They are led by their commander, Bram Murdoc, and his second-in-command, Amon Rigel. The entire squadron is divided into three (3) squads, each commanded by a squad chief namely Lazarus Kessler, Kain Marlowe, and Sol Huxley. 

CDR Bram Murdoc

LCDR Amon Rigel
(From L-R): LT Lazarus Kessler, LT Kain Marlowe, LT Sol Huxley

The briefing room is a rectangular space that has a long conference table with a built-in holographic projector. I used 1x2 blue translucent tiles to re-create the holographic lighting effect emitted by projectors in sci-fi movies. I also used 1x4 brown studless tiles to add a wooden effect on both sides of the conference table. A printed tile at one end of the table serves as a control panel for the entire contraption. Lastly, I added the translucent piece with a sticker to mimic a projected image off the table's surface.

The main piece of the briefing room: the conference table. By the way, the chairs also swivel.
For the walls, I used several glass panels and a combination of bricks to make it seem that the room is part of an interstellar ship. I tried to make the walls uneven to add texture and detail to the environment. I also tried to add extra details to the external walls because I wanted to avoid making the whole thing look bland.

One of the things that I'm proud of in this MOC is the hatch door at the front side of the room. This was the last piece I added. At first, the room looked like an ordinary corporate board room so to convince myself that this actually is part of a spaceship, I decided to add a simple working hatch door. Like what I did with the walls, I used textured bricks to make the door look realistic.  

Door closed.

Getting there!

And it's open! Meeting ongoing!

The hatch door's construction.
Overall, I'm happy with how this MOC turned out especially since it ended up being mostly without studs. With this build, I realized how important tiles and textured bricks are to add a level of detail and realism to your design. I can't wait to learn new techniques on how these elements can be used in my future MOCs.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and the ones before it. Don't forget to read the short write-ups at the end of each MOC post. I decided this will be the format of all MOC entries I'll be doing.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit and read my blog. Weekend's here so I hope you all have a good one. Till next time!

* * *

Bram: We have just received word from Lunar Command that the Earth Coalition's ambassador will be arriving with his family today. We are tasked to escort their transport and ensure that no harm will come upon their entourage as they make their way to the Citadel in time for the Moon Festival.

Amon: Babysitting, huh?
Bram: Sadly, yes. The higher ups feel that the ambassador's presence may stir something up especially after the Coalition announced its neutrality in our recent dispute with the Martian Empire. At this point, any unfavorable act against the ambassador may be seen as an act of hostility towards the Coalition and could sever diplomacy between the Earth and the Moon.
Amon: You're kidding right? So, how do we go about this?
Bram: Two squads. Recon and convoy. The remaining squad will be staying on the ship as backup just in case something happens.

Amon: Got it. Lazarus, First Squad will be the chappy. Stay close to the ambassador's transport at all times. Don't let it out of your sight. 
Lazarus: Aye, aye. 
Amon: Kain, scouting duty's yours. Check out the transport's charted route to the Citadel. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious. If you find something unusual, report it immediately. If you have to engage, try to hold back and bring home a prisoner or two.
Kain: Understood.
Amon: Sol, you're the contingency. Have Third Squad on standby. You may have to deploy anytime so be ready.
Sol: Yes, Sir. 
Amon: Any questions? None? Alright. All yours, Commander.
Bram: Thanks. Listen. This mission should be uneventful and I would pretty much like it to stay that way. We don't know what's waiting for us out there but in case something does happen, keep your wits about and don't do anything rash. Remember, heroes are useless and it's quite expensive to replace one. By the way, we'll be working with the Coalition's security force so tell the lads to be nice. We'll be deploying in three hours. Assemble at your respective hangars by then. Best of luck out there. I'll see you all after the mission. Dismissed! 

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