Sunday, April 17, 2016

PhLUG Brickfast 21

One of the things I look forward to every month is Brickfast. It's a monthly event organized by PHLUG, the local LUG I'm part of, where members get to interact with each other over breakfast and bricks. Though not a member of PHLUG, my wife has been tagging along for the past two months I've been attending Brickfast. We've always enjoyed the Brickfast experience since we get to meet awesome new people. We also get to see the amazing displays of PHLUG's highly-skilled builders. 

Another aspect of Brickfast that I look forward to are the PHLUG Brick Stores (PBS). This is where PHLUG members can conveniently settle their transactions with their respective online sellers. At the same time, this is the perfect opportunity for them brick entrepreneurs to make an extra buck by temporarily setting up shop during the event.
As an AFOL who formerly had no choice but to succumb to the ridiculously priced Lego sets at our local malls, I consider the PBS as a saving grace to my passion and my pockets. Also, in my opinion, I believe the dynamic relationship between the buyers and sellers in the PBS is a huge factor that helps the community grow.

The variety of items sold at the PBS really amazes me. It really helps that members have the choice to either purchase by set or by piece. This flexibility makes PBS appealing to all kinds of Lego collectors. 

I'm glad I'm part of PHLUG and that I get to experience the perks of being a member. I've been a passive member of the group for over a year yet I feel that joining PHLUG has helped me develop how I perceive and manage Lego as a hobby. Seeing and admiring the works of others in the group helps me determine the standards that I should set for myself as an AFOL. Everything is indeed awesome in this group: the awe-inspiring MOCs (be it sig figs, houses, muscle cars, starships, starfighters, mechs, modulars, dioramas), the hilarious banter, the intelligent discussions, the breathtaking transactions (dibs!), and the people. Right now, I kinda feel that I've just hit the tip of the iceberg. I really look forward to seeing what's beneath the surface. For now, I'll be enjoying the rest of my weekend with these hauls! 

By the way, these are my wife's modest dibs. At first, I kinda felt guilty with my hauls after taking this shot. Then I realized, she's hooked. It has begun! I seriously love my wife for being supportive of my hobby and for embracing the brick as well. Cool!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday. Till next time!

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