Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Mausoleum

This project has been keeping me busy for the past week and I'm glad it's finally done. The concept behind it was mostly inspired by two movies: Men In Black and Constantine. I've always wanted to create a theme that features agents wearing suits fighting demons and other malevolent entities. I guess this is the reason why Lego's Ultra Agents line somehow tickled my fancy, but not enough to ignore the price tag of the sets.

The main piece of this MOC is the mausoleum. It's a condemned tomb that has two main areas: the main hall on the ground floor and the hidden room on the roof.

I really like how the main hall turned out. The arches on the ceiling as well as the two main pillars gave the mausoleum the old architectural vibe I was trying to project. I made the floors seem like a red carpet was spread across the middle aisle from the door towards the tomb. Lastly, I intentionally made the tomb small since a child is supposed to be buried in it. I added a microfig as well as two vases on top of the tomb to serve as an altar for the dead kid.

To easily access the main hall, one side of the mausoleum can be easily removed as one piece. This side is composed of a broken down wall and a wooden door.

The upper half of the structure contains a hidden room, which is revealed by a huge hole on the roof. It is completely inaccessible from the ground floor. since there are no stairs or ladders that lead to it.

For the floor, I tried building sideways to try and get the texture of wooden panels placed side by side. I also placed four brown pillars in the middle of the room to support what's remaining of the roof. It may not be visible in the shot below, but I put some black tiles underneath the floorboards in the areas where there are no bricks to make it seem that there really are holes on the floor.

Lastly, I built the cross using single studded 1x2 tiles, several flat tan tiles and curved tan bricks.

I would like to thank my LUG, PHLUG, for the the arches that were used in this build. Also, special thanks to my sister, Charmaine for helping me come up with a title for the next post.

There you have it, folks. I'll be posting another entry entitled, "The Night Hunt", which will feature the mausoleum and some of my minifigs. Please stay tuned for that.

For the mean time, here's a sneak peak of the next post. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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