Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nothing But Brick's Top 5 MOCs At PhLUG's Abrickadabra 2016

Hi, folks! I've been pretty busy with family and work the past two weeks which is why I haven't posted new stuff on the blog. Sorry about that! But don't worry! I already have several entries lined up for this month. Just to give you an idea, I'm currently working on a MOC with a highway chase scene featuring my figs in black suits. It's almost done so I'll be able to do an entry for that soon. I also have two set reviews for Lego City sets coming up. Last but not that least, I'll be doing an entry about me and my wife's awesome TOYCON PH 2016 experience. For now, here's a look at my personal list of top 5 MOCs at PhLUG's Abrickadabra 2016. By the way, these are not arranged in any particular order. Let's get to it! 

1. The Sea Monster
The "Kraken". That's what I immediately remembered when I saw this gem in the middle of the Kingdoms' display. The details on this piece are really amazing from the beast's ferocious mouth to its equally terrifying tentacles. Poor minifig by the way. 

2. The Badass Mech with the Badass Sword
I'm a sucker for mechs and I'm a sucker for swords as well. This majestic robot towered over the other mechs displayed at the Sci-fi table. The headpiece gave me the impression that it's a royal strongman ruling over a band of armored retainers. I'm sure that this made a lot of heads turn at the convention. And roll. 

3. The Train Station
The high ceiling and arched windows gave this MOC the feel of an actual train station. The repetitive construction pattern added to the realism the structure was trying to emulate. What really caught my attention was how the transparent white walls were used as roof panels to compliment the main building. 

4. The White Fighter
The Jurassic World gyrosphere as a cockpit. How cool is that?! The idea is really ingenious. This makes building them Gundam Zeta panoramic 360° view cockpits possible in Lego. Also, despite how it looks in this shot, this build is very stable and "swooshable".  

5. The Two-headed Ship
Dual cockpits. 'Nuff said. This reminds me of how Lego designed some of its best space vessels from Classic Space, Ice Planet, Spyrius to Mars Mission. This build also has several interesting details such as the air vents in front of its upper engines as well as what seems like a power source/reactor secured on top of the ship.

Once again, I would like to congratulate PhLUG for hosting a successful brick convention last month. Kudos to the owners of these MOCs! Really looking forward to the next Abrickadabra! 

To end, here are several honorable mentions that didn't make the final list but are equally entertaining. Enjoy!

Rizal Park

PhLUG Avenue

Galaxy Trooper Hangar

The Sunken Destroyer

The Rusty Walker

Four Arms

PhLUG City Zoo

The Marketplace

Mech Warrior

The Fortress

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