Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our LUGs Are Here To Stay

I really had a blast at TOYCON PH 2016. It was my first convention and it was indeed a very awesome experience. You can check out my previous entry to see all the good stuff there. What made it even better for Lego fans such as myself was the fact that the local community was well represented at the event. PhLUG and PinoyLUG, the two main LUGs in the country, welcomed TOYCON attendees with their jaw dropping displays. Lead by Lego ambassadors Sir Piper Protacio and Sir Leslie Araujo respectively, the two LUGs both brought their game as they wowed the crowd with their cool MOCs.

Sir Leslie Araujo of PinoyLUG and Sir Piper Protacio of PhLUG. (photo courtesy of Sir Leslie Araujo) 

Located at the lobby of  the exhibit hall, the LUGs' displays immediately attracted the attention of onlookers of all ages. Many people were fascinated with the entertaining details each MOC had to offer. It's actually a common sight to see them take out their smart phones or cameras to take a picture or two. I'm sure all of them are pretty amazed since it's not everyday you see works like these. With the quality of these MOCs, who wouldn't be?

As someone who just started MOCing, I was really impressed with the quality of work these builders displayed. Based from experience, it's really a challenge to come up with your own design especially if you're working on a limited amount of bricks. I raise my glass to the exhibitors of both LUGs who made these MOCs. Cheers, guys!

Another thing I wanted to point out is how the LUGs approached their displays differently. PhLUG chose to go with a single theme, while PinoyLUG went for several sub-themes. I think both choices had a good effect overall since each area offered something different to the spectators and also highlighted the strengths of each LUG.

Here's a look at PhLUG's exhibit!

Check out PinoyLUG's exhibit!

(photo courtesy of Mark Ryan To)

Congrats to both PinoyLUG and PhLUG for being part of TOYCON PH 2016! Thanks for doing a great job of representing us Lego fans! More power to you guys and gals. I really hope that we get to have a humongous brick convention featuring both LUGs someday. That would really make everything awesome! 

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