Sunday, June 12, 2016


This weekend is extra special for me and the waifu since it's our "sweethearts' anniversary" (as my cheesy parents call it) today. We've been together as a couple for 9 years and we've been enjoying life with each other since then. Though we both disagree in a lot of things as normal couples do, we both share a strong passion for toys. We're both kids at heart you see. Just imagine the excitement we both felt when we suddenly found out that we could go to TOYCON PH 2016! We were just planning to stuff our faces in some buffet to celebrate our special day. We ended spending spending most of it at TOYCON! Best anniversary gift to date! Thanks to our friend Paul Chuapoco of Paul The PR Guy for helping us get our day passes. Special thanks to Sir Azrael Coladillo of Azrael's Merryland for accommodating us. We owe you guys one!

We were both overwhelmed with the amount of cool stuff that were available at the venue when we entered the exhibit halls. From my experience, one full day is not enough to digest everything. There were plenty of attractions to keep people of all ages hooked.

Aside from the cool exhibits, the convention also featured the awesome works of several artists. There really was plenty to see in this department. We even saw comic book artist Pat Lee and paper cutting expert Master Deng at work.

There was also an exhibit dedicated to Stan Lee and his personal collection.

One of the celebrity guests of TOYCON PH 2016 is Kristian Nairn, widely known as Hodor from Game of Thrones. We were lucky enough to catch his little question and answer program. Kristian seems like a really cool and nice guy especially to his fans. I really like how he is honest in answering the questions being thrown at him. Hodor is king!

After the short program, the waifu and I finally found ourselves exploring the stores. This is where it gets really interesting. We were both amazed at how many and how diverse the items being sold by the shops were. Comic books, board games, vintage toys, rare toys, new toys. You name it, they have it. I'll just let these next set of photos speak for themselves.

Amazing, isn't it? It took us three to four hours just to go through all the shops. There literally are toys everywhere you look and it's actually an awesome feeling.

There were also lots of cool displays at TOYCON. There's a section of the hall dedicated for the collections of the local toy communities. Here are some of them:

Overall, TOYCON PH 2016 was an awesome experience for me and the waifu. This was our first time to attend TOYCON. It will definitely not be our last. To end, here are some more pics I took from the convention. I'll be doing a separate post about the presence of the local LUGs at the con so watch out for that. Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

P.S. Let me take this opportunity to wish my wife, Ava a happy 9th anniversary! Thanks for always being supportive of the things I do be it at work, music or Lego. Thanks also for taking good care of the boys. We've been through a lot as a couple and I look forward to overcoming all the other challenges we shall be facing together. Here's to more toy cons, buffets, brickfasts, happiness and love!

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