Friday, July 15, 2016

PhLUG's Force Legion In Action!

Two weeks ago, Lego released its latest Star Wars video game: Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. We got word from our ambassador that one of our SIGs, the Force Legion will be showcasing their work at Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall in line with the game's launch. I was lucky that the office was just nearby. After a day's worth of work, I immediately went to see the Legion's displays. 

The display area was situated at Toy Kingdom's main entrance which immediately got the attention of people going in and out of the store. Several PS4's were placed in the middle of the display area for kids and adults alike who want to try and play the game. 

The Force Legion came in strong with five (5) MOCs of Jakku awesomeness. These are the most iconic scenes from the lawless, backwater planet where the epic story took off. These are:

Poe and Finn's crashed First Order Tie Fighter

Rei's rusty AT-AT home

the fallen Imperial Star Destroyer (which I'm sure made all of us fan boys ecstatic when we first saw it in the trailer)

the First Order's assault on Lor San Tekka's village

The folks from Force Legion did an excellent job with these displays. Congrats, guys! The Force is strong in these MOCs! 

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