Sunday, July 24, 2016

Set # 60134 Review - Fun In The Park People Pack

The long wait is over! I've been waiting for this set to come out since it was first seen at the Nuremberg Toy Fair earlier this year. When it hit the local stores, I just knew that I had to get it and I did. Lo and behold, folks! Here's Set # 60134, listed as Fun In The Park People pack. I got this at a very steep price of PHP 3800.00 (USD 80.00) at Toy Kingdom, Megamall. 

This set really caught everyone's attention when initial images were posted online last January mainly because of two (2) never before seen elements: the wheelchair and the baby minifig. The wheelchair is probably the most significant piece in this kit since it represents the good people of the PWD community. Personally, I find this a very touching gesture from Lego since PWDs are often neglected by toy companies when they create their products. With this bold move, the brand reaches out to the minority and reminds the rest of us that no matter one's circumstance, all of us are and should be part of the community. Never forgotten. Never neglected. Each an important piece of the set. 

Now, let's have a look at the box's contents. There are three (3) numbered instruction manuals and three (3) numbered bags.  

Here are the contents of Bag # 1:

Bag # 2: 

and Bag # 3:

It took me approximately twenty (20) minutes to go over the instruction manuals and build the gimmick pieces for each fig. It's really cool that the set has plenty of figs to spare. Fifteen (15) to be exact: fourteen (14) minifigs and one (1) baby fig. There's a lot of room to mix and match the figs and the diorama pieces in the set. Let's have a look at each of them. 

Wheelchair Dude

Hotdog Guy

Working Girl

Merry-go-round Kid

Happy Biker

The Lovers

Football Buddies

Picnic Dad

Lassie and her Human

The Artist

Hot Momma and Baby

The Gardener

I really love the elements included in the set. All of the builds are well-designed. My particular favorite is the hotdog stand because of the details. I also dig the stroller's and the lawnmower's sleek designs.

Here's a look at all the regular minifigs included in the set. It's really a good thing that most of the figs have nice printing on the torsos. Most also have some back printing which makes the figs look a whole lot better. I think it's safe to say that this set also has the most number of head gear/accessories. Folks who love to mix and match their fig parts will surely have a blast with these pieces.

Last but definitely not the least, here's our little baby. This little bundle of joy stands just about half the size of a regular minifig and occupies just one stud. I think it's approximately the size of a 1x1 brick. A regular minifig can cradle the little critter in its arms and even carry it with just one arm. Unfortunately, the baby's arms have no articulation and are perpetually fixed in a needy position. I think this is alright since it reflects an actual baby's need for lots of love and attention. 

This people pack is really amazing. The main reason I got it is for the number of fig parts it offers. This is really highly recommended for AFOLs who want to add individuality in their minifig collection. It also gives you flexibility since you can mix and match the pieces anyway you wish. For OC army builders like me who give importance to a unit's individuality, additional heads and hair pieces are always a good thing. However, I don't recommend getting the set at the local toy stores because of the steep price. You can always try to contact your trusted online sellers to get a better bargain. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this review! Although July is almost done, Nothing But Brick will still be releasing several entries before the month ends so please do stay tuned for that. Also, don't forget to check out our July Builder of the Month entry featuring Lego master builder, AC Pin. Happy Sunday, folks! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Till next entry!

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