Thursday, August 25, 2016

PinoyLUG And Lego Trading Group's BxB 4.0

Last month, I was invited by Sir Hermrei Ong of both PinoyLUG and Lego Trading Group (LTG), to attend BxB 3.0, a monthly meet-up for AFOLs where members of both groups can get to know each other more by bonding over bricks and figs. Unfortunately, my wife and I were running busy schedules all through out July so I wasn't able to go. For this month's BxB 4.0, I made it a point to attend the event to get to know more about PinoyLUG and LTG community.

BxB or Brick by Brick, is the perfect venue for PinoyLUG's seasoned builders to showcase their MOCs to inspire others to start building their own works as well. For this month, the display area really did not disappoint. There were plenty of well-built and well-designed MOCs that would really make your heads turn.

One of the cool things I stumbled upon the display area were these Pokemon MOCs. Just in time for Pokemon Go, folks! Really love the detail on each and every one of these critters. 

There's also something for fans of Ghostbusters. These lighted up Ecto-1's will surely catch your attention.

A huge portion of the display area is dedicated to Batman-themed MOCs. There were tons of Bat vehicles lying around from traditional Batmobiles to sturdy Tumblers. There were also several Arkham Asylum and Bat Cave MOCs. If you're a Batman fan, you would definitely go mad looking at all these cool builds.  

One of the things I was looking forward to seeing at BxB 4.0 were Sir Billy Lee's MOCs. I've been seeing a lot of his work at PinoyLUG's Facebook group as he has been spearheading the group's MOCcing efforts. Check out the details of some of his builds. I particularly like the gangster-themed MOCs.

Like any brick event, one of the highlights of BxB is its own brick market featuring the online sellers of the LTG. It is here where members of both groups could choose from a wide variety of Lego stuff and purchase them at affordable prices. Just look at all the items you can buy at the event! 

My first BxB was a very fun experience. There were plenty of friendly people and sellers all over the place and it seems like everyone was having a great time. There was a festive mood at the event as raffle prizes were awarded to attendees one after the other. Overall, I really had a great time at BxB. The organizers really did a great job with this one.

Congrats to PinoyLUG and  LTG for this month's successful BxB! Thanks also to Sir Hermrei for the invite. Looking forward to more events from PinoyLUG and LTG.

Let me end this post by sharing some more pictures I took from the event. Enjoy, folks! Till next entry!

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