Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Set # 75078 Review - Imperial Troop Transport

Today, I'll be doing a review of my current favorite set: Set # 75078, listed as Imperial Troop Transport. When I got my Star Wars fever, the army builder in me immediately wanted to start my collection by having my very own Stormtrooper army. Luckily, Lego came out with this set to address the needs of AFOLs like me. As seen below, the set includes a miniature version of an Imperial Troop Transport (ITT) and four (4) Stormtrooper minifigs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Embrace The Dark Side

As you may have read from my previous entry, I just got into the Lego Star Wars craze and started buying several sets from the theme with the intention of building MOCs for the blog. One thing I've realized, I 'm much more drawn to the villains of the Star Wars universe and find them more interesting than their heroic counterparts. I've always thought that the Sith Lords and the Galactic Empire are cooler than the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance. This is why I've decided to collect minifigs and sets featuring Star Wars villains. That's right, folks! I've gone and chosen the Dark Side of the Force!

My favorite Star Wars character is none other than Emperor Sheev Palpatine, also known as the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, the most cunning and wicked individual in the entire galaxy. When I was a kid, I thought Emperor Palpatine was a purely evil character, driven only by malice and greed. However, upon reading several fan theories from the Internet and some material from the Expanded Universe, my personal opinion of the shriveled ruler of the Galactic Empire changed. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Force Is Strong With This One

I've always told myself to steer clear of Lego Star Wars sets. Although I'm a huge Star Wars fan ever since I was introduced to A New Hope when I was just a kid, I've acknowledged how expensive the sets are from the theme from a galaxy far away and have made it a point to focus on other Lego themes instead. For some reason, I watched all the eight films several months ago then all of a sudden, I was drawn to the idea of doing Star Wars MOCs. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

AsiaPOP Comicon 2016

After attending PhLUG's Brickfast 24 last Saturday morning, the Waifu and I braved the traffic to get to AsiaPOP Comicon (APCC) 2016 in the afternoon. We already anticipated the heavy traffic that's why we left Brickfast early. We were really excited to go to the event because we know there would be plenty of cool and interesting stuff to see at the Con. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Beat Goes On

Hi, folks! Today's post is a re-issue of an entry from my old blog focused on music. Hope you guys like it. Long live the Beatles!

Video streaming sites are one of the best things man ever brought to existence. Thanks to these gold mines, I've been getting glimpses of an era that I missed more or less by two decades. I spent the past couple of days watching live performances of old school bands who laid the foundation of rock and paved the way for the hundreds of artists who followed suit and eventually thrived on the scene. Among them are the Beatles.

The original Fab Four from Liverpool greatly influenced my passion for music. Though I learned about them when I was five, I still have the same amount of interest in their craft when I first saw them featured on a TV documentary which was aired everyday on a local channel. Back, them I only knew that they were a band that were very popular during a time when both my Dad and Mom were just teenagers. It never occurred to me that those four lads with mop-tops managed to changed the world and had gotten away with it.

As I grew up, the curiosity I had for them eventually turned into admiration which fueled the desire to learn more about John Lennon, the cynical genius, Paul McCartney, the sentimental charmer, George Harrison, the spiritual introvert and Ringo Starr, the easy-going comic. Each of them contributed a great deal of their soul to what is probably the most influential rock band of the previous century.