Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Set # 75078 Review - Imperial Troop Transport

Today, I'll be doing a review of my current favorite set: Set # 75078, listed as Imperial Troop Transport. When I got my Star Wars fever, the army builder in me immediately wanted to start my collection by having my very own Stormtrooper army. Luckily, Lego came out with this set to address the needs of AFOLs like me. As seen below, the set includes a miniature version of an Imperial Troop Transport (ITT) and four (4) Stormtrooper minifigs.

Inside the nice packaging, the kit comes with two (2) bags of mixed bricks and figs, a 2x12 LBG plate and your standard Lego instruction manual.

Here are the contents of Bag # 1:

And Bag # 2:

I really enjoyed building this set. I think Lego did a good job with the ITT's design despite having to cut back on the number of passengers from six (6) to four (4) and also having no cockpit. It kinda gives you a Microfighter vibe which I think is okay for a set this size. I just wish Lego would someday release an ITT set in a bigger scale. 

For a miniature version of the Empire's vehicle, there sure are a lot of interesting details to look at. I also like how the entire build feels when you hold it in your hand. It's sturdy and would definitely endure the abuse if a child plays with it. Speaking of playability, the ITT offers several action features. You can fully rotate the rear turret into any position you wish. The doors of the troop compartments can also be opened as seen below.

Lastly, the ITT's middle area actually has a removable storage container where you can put the extra studs for the Stormtroopers' blasters.

Now, on to the minifigs. I really love the updated look of these Stormtroopers. From top to bottom, I really have no complains. The helmet looks great. The details on both the torso and legs really look amazing as well. I guess the only problem I have is the stud shooter gun. I know Lego is really pushing for this piece's play feature and I respect that but I think the blaster's design is too bulky and cartoonish. I just wish they made new and more accurate E-11 blasters for this set.

Underneath the helmets are your regular clone trooper heads. You get two (2) of each: an angry face and a calm one.

By the way, here are the spares you get after building the ITT.

I highly recommend this set to collectors who plan to build a Stormtrooper army. You get four amazing minifigs and a well-designed vehicle that has several useful parts which you can chop later on. It's really a good idea to start your collection with this set. Trust me, I got eight of these! More on that soon. For now, check out these pics. Enjoy! Till next entry!

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