Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Force Is Strong With This One

I've always told myself to steer clear of Lego Star Wars sets. Although I'm a huge Star Wars fan ever since I was introduced to A New Hope when I was just a kid, I've acknowledged how expensive the sets are from the theme from a galaxy far away and have made it a point to focus on other Lego themes instead. For some reason, I watched all the eight films several months ago then all of a sudden, I was drawn to the idea of doing Star Wars MOCs. 

I mentioned in a previous entry I'll be putting all projects on hold because I wanted to focus on a new one for the blog. Well, this is the reason why. I plan to do a series of MOCs based on the Star Wars mythos. I somehow have a rough idea on how this thing would go. I just have to spend the required time and effort to flesh it out. 

To be honest, I think this is a highly ambitious project. I'm actually scared I might not be able to pull it off properly and end up with mediocre MOCs. Or none at all. 

The thing is, there are plenty of characters and objects in the Star Wars universe that can be used as subjects for a MOC, which makes it the perfect theme to start with for someone who has just started building like myself. I actually had a hard time designing my previous MOCs for the blog because there were little or no available references for the stuff I had in mind. With Star Wars, there's actually a rich cache of information available online which I could refer to any time. 

I still have much to learn as a builder and it would definitely take a long time before I start fleshing out amazing MOCs. I just felt that I needed to start somewhere.

It actually took me a long time before I was convinced to get these sets. I was watching a YouTube video by Terry Crews when I decided to go for it. I just found out that he recently got hooked to building his own PC. Yeap, he has joined the PC Master Race! At one point in the video, you could hear him saying, "If you could go higher, go! If you can do more, why not?! That's like the key to my life. The Terry Crews way!" If you've been following his Facebook live videos, you could see how happy and passionate he is with his new found hobby. I actually want that for myself. Lego has been a part of my life since I was a kid and I really want to try and make something out of this hobby just like some of the builders I featured in the blog have. 

It would probably take years before I reach that level of skill and I've already accepted that. I really don't mind. What's important to me now is I've taken the first step and that is to equip myself with the tools or should I say bricks and figs I need to start building stuff.

I honestly don't know what the outcome of this project would be but being able to build something of my own really excites me. I've actually listed a lot of ideas for this project and I've actually started doing my research on some of the stuff I want to build. As of this time, I've actually opened most of the sets and have sorted them accordingly. As soon as I'm done with the design, I'll be working on my first project soon. I really can't wait for that!