Friday, November 25, 2016

Lego Northern Invasion! Lego Certified Store Trinoma Opens!

A couple of weeks ago, the Waifu and I were chatting about the opening of another Lego Certified Store (LCS) at Trinoma. We were just talking about how excited we were of checking out the new store and already planned to do so as soon as our busy schedules allowed it. Little did we know, we would be getting invites to the opening of the third LCS in the Philippines, which is also the first one in the North. We were really looking forward to this LCS since out of all the three, this one's the most convenient for us in terms of location since it's just a train ride away from where we live. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Celebrating PinoyLUG's 2nd Birthday @ PinoyLUG's Bricktober 2016

One of the biggest Lego events I attended this year is PinoyLUG's Bricktober 2016. Celebrating their second year anniversary as a RLUG, the folks at PinoyLUG, led by Ambassador Leslie Araujo, really prepared extensively for this important event. Kicking off the festivities, Ambassador Leslie has guaranteed the coming year to be more fun and interesting for PinoyLUG. Perhaps the highlight of his opening speech is his declaration of support to the Pinoy Bricksters community, a local group of brick enthusiasts, to become part of the Lego community by becoming an RLUG. In the spirit of PinoyLUG's values of Camaraderie and Inclusivity, this truly is something to look forward to.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nothing But Brick's Top 5 MOCs @ PinoyLUG's Bricktober 2016

Last month, PinoyLUG celebrated their second year anniversary with Bricktober 2016, the RLUG's biggest event of the year. The gang at PinoyLUG definitely wowed attendees with their awe-inspiring displays. Without further ado, here are Nothing But Brick's top 5 MOCs from Bricktober 2016. Arranged in no particular order, these are the MOCs that caught my attention as I checked out all the awesome creations at the event. Enjoy!