Saturday, December 17, 2016

PhLUG's Brickfast 26

November's Brickfast was extra special for me. You see, PhLUG held a Medieval Watchtower MOC contest and it was my first time to join, bring my MOC and display it on the venue. Here's what I came up with:

It's supposed to be rocky outpost for a forest ranger. I apologize for the awkward shot. I was really embarrassed to take a picture of my own work. I'll be doing a separate post about it soon. Now, let's have a look at the works of the other contestants. I really have much to learn from these folks. They put so much attention to details. It boggles my mind how they were able to build their towers the way they did.

And here are the well-deserved winners of PhLUG's Medieval Watchtower contest! Congrats, guys!

Another cool thing about Brickfast 26 is Team PMS' Hans Christian Anderson display. The diorama consists of several vignettes representing each story penned by the legendary Danish author.

Here's a closer look at each section of this massive build.

The gals of Team PMS really did an amazing job putting this epic masterpiece together. Keep on building, ladies!

Last but not the least, PhLUG Scifi held their ground by displaying their badass mechs. Sweet!

They also showcased  Mecha Chess 2.0, a cool concept where mechs are used as chess pieces. Who wouldn't want to play chess if your giant board is towering with these titans?

Congrats to PhLUG for another successful Brickfast. Also, congrats to all the builders who displayed all their MOCs. Great job, everybody! 

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