Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Celebrating the Chinese New Year at BxB 7.0!

My first brick event of the year came just in time for Chinese New Year. To celebrate the holiday, PinoyLUG and the Lego Trading Group made sure February's BxB event would be fun and festive for everyone. For starters, people were handed out fortune cookies and chocolate gold coins. How cool is that?! 

What's really fascinating with BxB 7.0 is how the builders of PinoyLUG went all out with their MOCs. It was really cool how they incorporated the holiday's spirit with their builds. Check out all the awesome displays at the event! The display area is divided into two parts: the front section, which portrays a festive Chinatown street celebrating the New Year, and the back section which contains MOCs of animals significant to Chinese lore and culture. 

The Chinatown display is really fun to look at! I love how the whole thing appears as one coherent build even though there are several builders who contributed to the entire display. I also like the details found on each of the MOCs. 

My personal favorite is this MOC of a Chinese general merchandise store. The interior really looks great. 

Now, let's take a look at the MOCs from the other half of the display area. Those critters sure look cute! The dragons look majestic and terrifying as well.

I really think PinoyLUG's builders did a great job with their MOCs for BxB 7.0. Each build is well thought of and also compliments each other, which I think reflects the harmonious spirit PinoyLUG adheres to. Congrats, guys and gals! Keep on building! Congrats also to Sir Leslie Araujo and the rest of the PinoyLUG and Lego Trading Group crew for another successful event. With that, allow me to leave with you more pics I took from the event. Enjoy! 

P.S. Stay tuned for this month's Builder of the Month!

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