Friday, February 17, 2017

MOC Post: The White Wind

Warning! This is a very late post! This was one of my MOCs last year which I was not able to write about due to having a very tight schedule with work and other stuff. Anyway, I'm really glad I'm able to do this entry right now. I really hope you guys like it too! On with the show!

This here's my first attempt to create my very own spacecraft. I've always wanted to build one and I'm really glad how it turned out. I initially called this project, Project Mako, due  to its shark-like shape.  Eventually, I chose to name it as the White Wind for unknown reasons. Honestly, I just think it sounds catchy. But seriously, I think the name gives the ship the impression that it has the capability to be swift and stealthy.

I envision the White Wind as a small and highly maneuverable spacecraft designed to travel at high speeds to ambush and take down enemies with its twin cannons. The ship is composed mainly of two parts: the cockpit and the trailer.

There's nothing special with the cockpit except that it could detach from the trailer as needed. As mentioned earlier, it's equipped with twin laser cannons.

The trailer, on the other hand is something else. It has four (4) modes or functionalities depending on its position.

In its normal position, it allows the White Wind to make use of both its engines which in turn doubles the craft's maximum speed.

Reversing its normal position increases the firepower of the White Wind's twin laser cannons.

Positioning the trailer on either side activates an artificial magnetic field capable of deflect enemy fire or space debris.

Last but not the least, the trailer can rotate and activate the White Wind's warp engine if needed.

I'm actually proud of this MOC. I know that there's still a long way for me to go to be a really good builder but I can feel this is a good start especially since it's studless. Maybe I should try to spend a little more time building!

Anyway, thanks for reading tonight's post. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. By the way, Nothing But Brick's giveaway is still on so make sure to join. Remember, a half-nekked Darth Maul is at stake! That's it, folks! Till next entry!

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