Tuesday, March 28, 2017


When I was a kid, I've always wanted to build my own Lego city. Back in the day, my siblings and I could only build a house or two with our bricks. There were instances when we were able to add other small buildings in our mini neighborhood but that's it. I've always wondered what it was like to be in a room or house with a vast Lego city just like Will Ferrell's basement in the Lego Movie. Now I know, thanks to Citizen Piper's Legolopolis!

The Waifu and I were really excited for our trip to Legolopolis. I learned about the fabled city from fellow PhLUG members and often thought what it was like in person. I really got giddy when we got the invite to see the place. Man, it didn't disappoint!

The city is composed mostly of awesome MOCs and structures from equally amazing Lego sets.

Aside from the modular buildings we all know and love, which make up most of the city's residential area, Legolopolis also has several landmarks that are awe-inspiring. For instance, there are these high-rising skyscrapers that are part of Legolopolis' business district.

Somewhere in the middle of Legolopolis stands a lone castle on top of a hill. The thick forest helps preserve this ancient wonder by keeping curious passers by away.

If you go further from the city, you'll encounter a small village with well-preserved medieval houses.

Nearby lies one of my favorite structures in Legolopolis: a highly-detailed old cathedral with high arcing stained glass windows.

It's really cool how all these structures come together and make Legolopolis seem like a real city. Citizen Piper, Legolopolis' very own custodian did an excellent job building all of these and putting them together. Check out some of the other stuff he's done at the place.

Legolopolis is truly a wonder to behold. For me, seeing it in person made me feel what it was like to live one of my childhood dreams even for a short while. Now, I'm itching to really build a city of my own!

Special thanks to PhLUG ambassador, Sir Piper Protacio for letting me and the Waifu visit Legolopolis! Stay tuned for Nothing But Brick's March's Builder of the Month. Let me leave you with more pics of Legolopolis. Enjoy!

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