Monday, June 12, 2017

MOC Post: The Red Mage's Pylon

Hi, folks! Just a warning, this is a very late post. I was supposed to write this last year but due to my busy schedule, it got pushed to my backlogs. Sorry about that! Anyway, this features one of the MOCs I did last year when I joined PhLUG's Watchtower MOC Contest. Here goes! 

This MOC was supposed to be my entry for the contest but changed my mind on the last minute since I think I went overboard with it. This was inspired by the Arcane Tower from the Warcraft series. Initially, it sat on top of a rocky base as shown below but I decided to dismantle the base for my final entry, which I'll also write about soon.

The Pylon, as I call it, houses a massive crystal which contains frozen hellfire, an ancient and malevolent energy source whose power is being harnessed by its keeper, the Red Mage.

To keep the flame's malicious flame at bay, the Red Mage, who is a master of ancient arcane elemental arts, makes use of giant crystals that absorb and purify the hellfire's violent energy. After this lengthy process, the Red Mage absorbs the purified energy into his own body, the very secret of his lengthy life span.

Most of the pieces I used in building this MOC are from Brickfast and BXB sellers. I used a combination of transparent blue rock panels and 2x2 round pieces to form the giant crystals shape. The hellfire's made up of 2 big flame pieces I believe are from a Chima set. The round circulate plates that make up the roof and base are from the old Lego UFO theme.

Overall, I'm quite happy with how this build turned out. I just wish I made the floors studless or maybe added a couple more details on it.

By the way, as an added feature, you can fully rotate the crystal by 360 degrees!

There you have it, folks! Another MOC post here at Nothing But Brick. Stay tuned for more stuff soon. Till next entry! 

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