Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nothing But Brick's Top 5 MOCs @ PhLUG's Abrickadabra 2017

Another Abrickadabra has passed and once again, I'm left with tons of pictures of amazing MOCs in my phone. I've always looked forward to these brick events since there's always tons of stunning cool stuff to see. Out of the multitudes of MOCs at these events, there will always be a handful that will stand out among the rest. So, without further ado, allow me to present to you Nothing But Brick's Top 5 MOCs at PhLUG's Abrickadabra 2017. 

NOTE: As always, the MOCs are presented in no particular order. These are the MOCs that made my head turn a lot. On with the show! 

SDF-1 Macross
Man, I love this SHIP. Though I'm more of a fan of the MS Gundam series, I've watched my fair share of movies from the Macross universe and I really got giddy when I saw this massive work of art. The shape and details are spot on. What I particularly love about this Macross MOC are its huge engines. I wonder if it's swooshable?

White Starfighter
I spotted this pretty white thing at PhLUG Scif-fi's Mayhem Manila display area. Love everything about this cool fighter's design: the color blocking, the shape, the greebling. Everything was put together so well. 

This stunning angelic mech seems like it descended from the heavens to grace with its awesomeness. Wings and dual swords. Nuff said, man!

The Great Kingdom of PhLUG
I consider the entire display area of PhLUG Kingdoms as one massive MOC which is why I'm giving it this spot. The builds are coherent and consistent with the theme which just means how well-designed the entire display is. The display really has everything: enormous structures, massive armies, giant mythical creatures, detailed terrain. 

Just like the Great Kingdom of PhLUG, I consider this display area as one giant MOC. Vigan is a local town here in the Philippines. A UNESCO World Heritage site, its known for its beautiful old structures which have been kept well preserved until now. These haunting remnants of the past were amazingly translated into brick form by PhLUG's Urban Builders. Really love how they made it seem how the whole thing is bustling with life. Also, the details are interestingly accurate. I really love how good old Spanish houses look in brick form. 

The builders really did a great job with them. Congratulations to all the exhibitors of PhLUG for another job well done at Abrickadabra 2017. There you have it, folks. Hope you enjoyed this one. Happy Sunday, everyone! And Happy Fathers day to all the cool Dads out there!

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