Friday, October 20, 2017

A Look At Lego Minifigures Series 17

Several months ago, Lego released another Minifigures series, which is currently in its 17th iteration. Just like last time, I made it a point to buy the set in one go as soon as a seller from either PhLUG's Brick Stores or PinoyLUG's BXB Trading Group posts one for sale. Fortunately, PhLUG member, Arthur Tanseco, who also builds awesome Super Robot mech MOCs, has them and I immediately jumped the gun. I absolutely have no regrets buying the set since each fig's cheaper than the local toy stores' SRP. Besides, my wife, Ava got dibs on two of them figs!

Let's get on with the show!

The Battle Dwarf
Lego should really bring back the old Castle theme and capitalize on the dwarf faction they released years ago. The company has done a great job with the dwarf minifigs from the Company of Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit line, to this little guy right here. The dude's a complete badass from head to foot.  

Butterfly Girl
Lego is clearly trying to get girls into the toy line with minifigs like this. Kinda reminds me of Lisa Frank merchandise back in the day. Something the Waifu was really into when she was a kid. 

What I particularly love about this set is the cute pooch that comes with it. That bulldog is really something.   

Corn Cob Guy
One of the mascots in this series. Nothing special with this one save for the corn head piece. By the way, doesn't he remind you of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons?! 

Dance Instructor
This fig reeks of the '80s. This reminds me of a little girl from a steel town who had the dream to dance. Just kidding! But seriously, makes me want to re-watch that last scene from Flashdance. Anyway, I'm digging that wild hair piece. 

Elf Maiden
Just like the dwarfs, Lego should release more elf minifigs like this one. I know they're already doing it with Friends, but I really think an elf faction in the Castle theme would really be a hit. Then again, that's just me. The hair piece is new and its really well sculpted. Also, the metallic colors used for the arms, torso and legs really makes this stand out among the rest of the figs. Good job, Lego!

Gourmet Chef
I really dig the print on this fig's torso and leg. I think it's an improvement on the torso used for chefs in the Lego City line.  

The Mystery Man
When this fig was finally unveiled a couple of months ago, a lot of people online didn't seem to like the fig's design. I really don't get it because I like this fig! I think it's pretty cool and also has neat accessories in the form of the black bandana and cape. The head and body prints aren't that bad too. To each his own, I guess.  

Hot Dog Vendor
Nothing special here, folks! Just a regular minifig working another shift at the hot dog stand to pay the bills. By the way, the fig's cap reminds me of the paper hats they give kids at Krispy Kreme.  

Pro Surfer
Luke Skywalker just quit being a Jedi and decided to use the Force to ride the waves! Another surfer added to the series. Just like his predecessors, he wields a mighty fine surf board. 

Retro Space Hero
I love this fig because of its classic sci-fi vibe. Everything from the fig's outfit and accessories makes it seem like he came out of an old space adventure. Neat space gun, by the way!

Rocket Boy
The other mascot in the series. What I like about this fig is you can finally make your own LBG classic space minifig! Rocket Boy's torso actually has a print of the classic space logo. Also, I've seen MOCcers make use of the rocket head piece as an actual rocket in their MOCs. Pretty cool idea if you ask me. 

Roman Gladiator
I wonder when Lego will finally release a Roman-themed line. They've been teasing us with all these gladiators,
centurions and soldiers these past years. Makes you think they're doing it on purpose. I think this is the best one
Lego has released so far.


This is a foreshadowing of a future official Lego Friends, the sitcom set. Why? That's Jennifer Anniston's ridiculously famous hair from the '90s right there, folks! It's bound to happen, I tell you. 

I really love how the designers of the Lego Minifigures series try to incorporate real life trends, past or present, into the design of the figs. Just like the Dance Instructor, the Yuppie reminds you of the '80s. Makes you wonder if the guys behind the series grew up in that era. I'm pretty amazed with how they built the guy's old school mobile phone. I'm pretty sure the new 1x1 printed tile and cheese slope will be pretty useful to MOCcers. 

Please don't take this review seriously. It's more of a casual commentary. I'm writing in white heat here. hehe Anyway, this is a long overdue post and by now, I've already chopped the figs for my mix and match projects. Hope you enjoyed reading this entry though. That's it, folks! We're done! Till next entry! 

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