Saturday, October 21, 2017

MOC Post: The Ranger's Watchtower

Hi, folks! Today's entry is about one of the MOCs I made last year, which is my entry for PhLUG Kingdom's Watchtower contest. It's supposed to be a forest ranger's watchtower. Check it out!

The initial concept was supposed to be a wooden watchtower in the middle of a dense forest. Unfortunately, due to lack of required elements, I had to change my original idea. My ranger's watchtower will be built on top of a massive rock!

Resting on top of a 16x16 light green plate, the watchtower sits on a rock formation made of DBG and LBG pieces. I'm still learning how to build terrain and for this MOC, I just randomly stacked bricks. There's really a lot of room for improvement here.

I've integrated some play features in this build. If you open the front door, you could see there's a ladder hanging in the middle of the room.

If you look closely from up top, the structure's interior is actually hollow. The ladder actually leads to the watchtower's top floor.

There's also a piece of rope hanging at the back of the watchtower which serves as an emergency exit for our sentry.

Here's the watchtower housing an actual minifig! By the way, I really dig that ranger fig from Lego Minifigures Series 16!

This MOC made me realize I still need to improve on my building techniques. I really wish I had more time for building. For me, it's really a time consuming process from sorting and putting together the elements, which is why I prefer mixing and matching figs more. Still, I actually had a great time working on this project. It's actually a pretty neat learning experience.

That's it for now, folks! Still have a lot of backlogs to work on so stay tuned for that. By the way, I'm planning to do another giveaway soon. Get ready! Peace out!

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