Sunday, October 22, 2017

Trombones And The Marvels Of 3D Printing Technology

I had a dilemma earlier this year. If you have been following the blog and its Instagram account, you may be familiar with one of my recent projects, The Bricktones. You see, the Bricktones is a 20-piece minifig big band composed of a rhythm and horn section. You can read about the Bricktones and the inspiration behind them here! Check it out!

Anyway, I already got the rhythm section covered. It's the horn section that's the problem. As you all know, Lego doesn't have an official trombone accessory for minifigs. I've also looked at third party vendors of Lego-compatible accessories and they also don't have trombones. Sadly, this means I won't have a complete horn section and really bothers me! Imagine how the Bricktones' horn section would sound if there's no trombone?! It's gonna be pretty weak I tell you!

I kept on googling hoping to find a solution and lo and behold, I stumbled upon this page and it has exactly what I needed! A trombone for minifigs! Not only that, it's 3D printed! How cool is that?! I checked the site and turns out, Shapeways is a website that offers 3D printing services with the help of its community members who submits their designs. I'm not sure how the whole system works but that's the gist of it. 

The trombone is listed under one of the community member's shop, called Spiderpudel's Nick-Nack. You should check out some of the other stuff in her inventory. It's pretty neat! Further googling brought me to her Tumblr blog. Turns out she's into Lego as well. Pretty neat!

Long story short, I ordered several pieces and now my problem's solved. By the way, everything from ordering, payment and delivery was seamless. I also got my delivery charges waived since it was my first Shapeways order. The package arrived on time and it was packed meticulously. Great customer service right there if you ask me!

Here's one of the trombones. It's quite sturdy and has a matte finish. I still wish Lego would release an official trombone accessory for minifigs but this would definitely do for now.

3D printing technology is really something, don't you think? The technology is still young but definitely has a lot of potential. Imagine being able to print any design you can think of, anytime and anywhere. That's the future right there. I predict it's going to be a game changer in the manufacturing industry especially if it becomes more affordable. I hope that happens soon.

Thanks for reading another entry here at Nothing But Brick. Special thanks also to Spiderpudel for making that amazing trombone! Hope y'all have a pleasant weekend, folks. Till next entry!

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