Friday, November 17, 2017

Arthur Tanseco's Voltes V MOC

My siblings and I were huge fans of Voltes V when we were growing up. I remember faithfully watching the series back in the '90s, trying not to miss a single episode. Several localized versions of the highly influential super robot series were shown in local channels then. There were English and Filipino dubs where names of the characters were changed to make them more relatable to the local audience. The show actually influenced several generations of Filipinos particularly the kids who lived during the Martial Law era giving them ideas like oppression ain't cool and freedom is something worth fighting and even dying for.

Daimos, Voltes V & Mazinger Z on display at Brick Burger (Photo Courtesy of Arthur Tanseco)
Personally, I love the series because of the futuristic tech featured in it: the badass Volt Machines, the majestic Camp Big Falcon, and the mighty Voltes V mech itself. I even wondered if electromagnetic force fields were possible and if it were, our country could really benefit from it. I think my love for Voltes V greatly influenced my interest for mechs which made seek other super robot series and eventually delve into the more satisfying real robot genre. The monster of the week format also gave me something to look forward to since it made me root for the team. Watching a group of youngsters beat the crap out of the Boazanian beast fighters was kinda fun those days.

I remember seeing Arthur Tanseco's older Voltes V MOC back in PhLUG's Brickxhibit 2015. I was really awed by how massive the entire thing was. Knowing that the entire contraption could be disassembled into the five Volt Machines blew my mind further.

A couple of months ago, I attended PhLUG's Brickfast and got to see Arthur's latest WIP: a smaller scale Voltes V MOC. The smaller model has several points of articulation and could also be disassembled into the five Volt Machines. You can tell Arthur's doing something right with the new design since the build is surprisingly sturdy in both mech and vehicle modes. All the Volt Machines are swooshable and could probably survive several hours of play.

Let's have a closer look at each of them:

1. Volt Cruiser

2. Volt Bomber

3. Volt Panzer

4. Volt Frigate

5. Volt Lander

Here's an updated version of the combined Voltes V mech, which Arthur displayed at PinoyLUG's Bricktober  2017 last month. It really looks amazing in person!

As you all know, Lendy Tayag's Lego Ideas project was recently approved by Lego which means we'll all be getting an official Lego Voltron set soon. I really hope Arthur submits his Voltes V project as well and it gets the community's support. It would be a pretty neat treat for local Lego fans to have another Filipino builder's design become an official set.

To end this entry, allow me to show you a short clip of the Volt Machines being assembled or as Steve Armstrong (Go Ken'ichi in the Japanese dub) would say, 'volt in' to form Voltes V. Turn up your speakers, folks!

(Video Courtesy of Arthur Tanseco)

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