Thursday, December 28, 2017

Nothing But Brick #minifigme Challenge!

Happy Holidays, folks! You've all been probably waiting for this entry so let's get to it! Today, I'll be announcing the blog's year-end giveaway: the Nothing But Brick #minifigme Challenge! Sounds bold? Not really! As you all know, I'm a huge sucker for mixing and matching figs. I really enjoy doing it and I want you guys to have a go at it! Challenge accepted?!

So, what does the #minifigme challenge require? Simple! Just do a little mix and match to come up with your SigFig. Wait, what's a SigFig? SigFig, short for Signature Figure, is a minifig version of a Lego fan. Think of it as some kind of avatar KFOLs, AFOLs and SHEFOLs use to represent themselves in the Lego community. Simply put, it's a mini-you in minifig form. The challenge entails you to take a picture of your SigFig and upload it to Nothing But Brick's group page along with a short description of the fig. A,B,C, folks! 

The entry with the most number of likes gets a Senate Commando Trooper Battle Pack and a Lego Creator Green Cruiser set.

Let's make it official! Here are the mechanics just to keep thinks civilized. hehe

1. To join the challenge, the contestant must have a Facebook account. He/she should also join Nothing But Brick's Facebook group. Link provided below:

2. The contestant must currently reside in the Philippines.

3. The contestant can submit his/her entry by uploading it to the #minifigme Challenge album in the Nothing But Brick group.

4. An entry is composed of:
a. a picture of the contestant's SigFig
b. contestant's full name (tag yourself in the pic if possible)
c. a short caption describing the SigFig

4. Only one (1) entry per contestant.

5. The  entry with the most number of likes wins the challenge. 

6. Deadline of submission of entries is until January 31, 2018 FEBRUARY 28, 2018.  

There you have it, folks. Easy, right? Get your cameras and figs ready and submit your entries asap! Remember, most number of likes gets the prize so make sure to get your buddies to help you out. I really can't wait to see all the crazy stuff you'll be posting. Good luck and most of all, have fun! 

By the way, this is Nothing But Brick's way of showing gratitude to all you guys and gals who have supported the blog since day 1. We just hit a total of 50,000 page views a couple of weeks ago and it really means a lot! Every like, click and share from you guys and gals really go a long way. As always, thank you, folks! Keep being awesome, ayt?! Play well!

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