Sunday, January 28, 2018

GIVEAWAY UPDATE! Nothing But Brick #minifigme Challenge!

Hi, folks! Deadline of submission of entries for the #minifigme Challenge will be extended to FEBRUARY 28, 2018! Also, I wanted to sweeten the pot a little bit since my birthday's coming soon. In addition to the Lego Creator Green Cruiser set, the winner will be getting a Senate Commando Trooper Battle Pack! If you still haven't submitted your entry for the #minifigme Challenge, now's your chance to do so! Remember, the entry with the most number of likes wins the challenge! Check out the links below for more details. Good luck, folks! 

Weekend Getaway! Building The TFA Millenium Falcon!

Happy New Year, folks! Apologies for the short break right at the beginning of the year. You see, I've been busy these past few weeks because my sisters, Maine and Dior, who both live overseas, are home and the family and I have been spending as much time as we can with them. They'll be flying back to their respective countries on the first week of February so we have to make the most out of their vacation. We're running out of time!