Thursday, April 19, 2018

Brothers In Arms

The Twins unsuspectingly found themselves in a bind. An unexpected detour brought them to what was supposed to be the ruins of an ancient temple, where they found themselves surrounded by a lounge of lizardfolks. Armed with their swords and short bows, the duo managed to survive the initial onslaught of what seemed to be an endless swarm. 

Their mission was mostly uneventful until now. Tired from a day's worth of traveling, they decided to make camp in the ruins of the old temple. Their exhaustion made them complacent and they mistakenly let their guard down prompting the savage reptilians to begin the attack. 

They already killed a handful of the lizardfolk but the raid was relentless which means they have yet to dispose of the party's leader. The Twins could see a heavily armored figure equipped with an enormous blade from afar. They knew what needs to be done.

They have been through a lot together: losing their parents at a young age, surviving the harsh conditions of homelessness on their own, and more importantly, a great deal of fighting. They even decided to make their lives useful by joining the Order. For a brief moment, the brothers gave each other a knowing look. It was at this point they knew, they will not die today. In an instant, they fearlessly charged towards the commander of their cold-blooded enemies and went for the kill.   

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