Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Building My Own Mech Frame!

I've always wanted to build my very own mech frame ever since I emerged from my dark ages. One of my goals back in 2015 was to build Lego mechs to compliment my army of minifig pilots. This has been my frustration since then. Initially, I thought this was an easy task but after doing some research online, I've come to think otherwise. After looking at the work of all the awesome builders from the web, I realized mech building is an art form. Not only that. Building the perfect Lego mech starts with the frame, which unfortunately, I had no idea how to make. Until recently.

I was sorting all my bricks when I suddenly had the urge to try and build a mech frame. I gathered all the parts and pieces which I think I would need and just had a go at it. Surprisingly, I was satisfied with the result. Aside from being poseable, the frame also had a cockpit where you could fit a standing minifig!

Being a prototype, my frame has its limitations. First, I find it a bit short. Second, there's absolutely no neck articulation because of the current cockpit design. I plan to improve on these moving forward as soon as I get more bricks. I actually almost depleted all my joint plates after because of this unexpected project.

Still, I'm pretty happy with this build and I'm looking forward to the next iteration of my design. This actually takes me a step closer to my dream of building an entire squad of mechs. Stay tuned for that! 

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