Wednesday, April 18, 2018

MOC Post: Telesto, A Microscale Ship

I've been going through some of my old albums in Facebook and found several MOCs I've done two or three years ago. It was around the time I emerged from my dark ages and before I started Nothing But Brick. Sci-fi has been one of the many influences which drew me back to Lego. You see, I've always been a sucker for humongous spaceships and giant robots. Anyway, here's my attempt to build a micro scale ship. I present to you, the Telesto.

The Telesto

Named after one of Saturn's moons, the Telesto was inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam's White Base and Space Battlehship Yamato's titular ship in terms of color scheme and armaments, respectively. Basically, it's a military mech carrier armed with heavy guns and one main cannon. 

Bridge and starboard mech flight deck

Main engines

I've always wanted to re-build this in a bigger scale but unfortunately, I don't have enough parts to make it happen. I've also chopped this build a long time ago. Who knows, maybe I get to make that happen someday, right? For now, these pics will do.

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