Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Waifu!

It was my wife's birthday last month but we weren't able to celebrate it on the day itself since she was traveling abroad. I already got her her gift before she left which is why I decided to make her something cool that I could still 'give' her on her special day. I've always wanted to make her a sigfig so here she is in minifig form!

I tried to incorporate all of her essential and favorite stuff in the build. She's a lifestyle blogger slash social influencer which is why there's a laptop and camera on the desk. She's also into art and teaches calligraphy at a local school hence the brush and notepad. She loves iced coffee and sushi. On her spare time, she watches a lot of K-dramas. Last but not the least, she's addicted to hand bags!

This was really a quick build and I really had fun doing it. The Waifu also loved it.  Happy wife, happy life, folks. Let's keep it that way!

Stay tuned for more Lego stuff here at Nothing But Brick. Till next entry!

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