Tuesday, June 12, 2018

MOC Post: My Projects For PhLUG's Abrickadabra 2018

Hi, folks! As this entry's title suggests, today's MOC post will be a compilation of all my  projects for Abrickadabra 2018. My last entry shows the entirety of our dio at Abrickadabra. Basically, it's a joint military and civilian spaceport. It took me almost two months to finish my share of MOCs and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  Here goes! 

Spaceport Guardhouse
I googled what a typical guardhouse looks like then I came up with this build after. I made use of the transparent orange pieces to serve as energy barriers. Also made use of gold 2x2 tiles on each gate. In my mind, these serve as electronic scanners which go off when prohibited materials pass through. By  the way, Galaxy Troopers are awesome!  

This is the biggest MOC I've ever built and I'm quite proud of it. This is also the project which took me the longest to complete. I was lucky enough to have all the parts needed to make this build happen. The left-hand wing contains a control room which regulates the powerplant's twin reactor cores. The other side has a plain old viewing deck accessible by a tall ladder. Not shown on the pictures below but there are actually staircases on both wings that lead down to the powerplant's ground floor. 

Radar Array
I made the array by using 1x2 modified plates with clips, 1x2 textured bricks and them jailbar panels. The problem with this MOC is the array's not that sturdy. A little nudge and the whole thing falls apart. The base on the other hand serves as a solid foundation for the entire structure. I'd like to think of the transparent blue dish contraption as some sort of futuristic magnetron. 

Shield Generator
If the powerplant is the biggest structure I've ever built, then this is the tallest. Too bad I forgot to count how many bricks high this thing is. This MOC depleted my remaining LBG 2x2 tiles and also my LBG 1x1x5 pillars. The panels with flaps on each side serve as the shield generator's emitters which propagate a massive force field on a wide area.  

Interstellar Travel Agency
The civilian structure I built for the spaceport. Dropped by the Lego Certified Store to stock up on those glass panels. Also, was trying to make the building's shape look like a ship which explains the 'wings' on both ends. By the way, borrowed my wife's rocket man minifig headgear for the logo. The top portion of the MOC can easily be removed so I wouldn't have a hard time placing the furniture and figs inside.

Cargo Transport
This MOC was my only contribution to last year's Abricadabra. It was originally a troop carrier. I repurposed it to be a cargo transport. What I really love about and proud of with this build is the cockpit's design. 

Civilian Mechs
Made two civilian mechs by modifying the frame of the military mechs down below. The black dude serves as a loader while the red guy with the flight pack is a bouncer for one of the civilian establishments outside the spaceport. 

Military Mechs
I originally built these guys for a project here on the blog but decided to include them in our Abrickadabra dio. The white mech is the squad leader. The mechs are equipped with assault and sniper rifles. Planning to modify these guys soon to improve on their design. 

There you have it, folks! This was my second year as an exhibitor for Abrickadabra and I'm proud I was able to contribute more this time around. The team and I are already brainstorming for next year's display and I really can't wait for that. I'm really lucky to be grouped with like-minded folks who share my love for anything scifi. Anyway, stay tuned for more stuff here at Nothing But Brick! Till next entry!

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