Monday, June 11, 2018

PhLUG SciFi's Hawking Spaceport @ Abrickadabra 2018

Hi, folks! For today's entry, I'll be featuring our group's dio at PhLUG's Abrickadabra 2018. I'm part of PhLUG SciFi, PhLUG's special interest group (SIG) for anything related to science fiction. Spaceships, starfighters, bases, vehicles. You name it, we'll try to build it. For this year's Abrickadabra, we tried building a spaceport. Check it out!

* * *
Welcome to Hawking Spaceport! Dedicated to renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, the joint military and civilian facility lies somewhere in the depths of outer space and caters to earthlings and extraterrestrials alike. 

The spaceport has its very own powerplant which provides pure energy to a state of the art control tower, twin radar communication arrays, a radome tower and a massive shield generator, all necessary to keep daily operations running in order.

Outside the spaceport lie several privately owned establishments that serves both military personnel and civilian travelers. Services vary from food, recreational and travel accommodations.

One area of the facility serves a hangar of sorts, where giant mechs are maintained.

Things get interesting on the tarmac where spaceships of all shapes and sizes land and take-off: Starfighters, exploration vessels, mercenary ships, cargo freighters and even luxurious civilian transports. 

Several military mech squads have been deployed on the grounds to ensure order is maintained in the spaceport. On standby, these battle-hardened veterans are ready to snuff out any signs of trouble. Safe and secure, Hawking Spaceport is your go to stop on this sector of the Solar System!

* * *
There you have it, folks! It took us a couple of months to conceptualize and eventually build our MOCs for this dio. This is actually PhLUG SciFi's biggest exhibit yet. There's definitely lots of room for improvement yet all of us in the group feel proud of this milestone. We plan to do better on our future displays so watch out for that! I'll end this post with more shots of our dio. Stay tuned for more Lego stuff here at Nothing But Brick. Till next entry!

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