Tuesday, June 26, 2018

PinoyLUG's Brickroomz

One of the neat stuff I saw from last year's series of events was PinoyLUG's Brickroomz display. To ensure the participation of its members, PinoyLUG allotted two months worth of BXB. BXB is the group's monthly meet-up event where its members display their MOCs and also where sellers set-up shop in a brick market. Anyway, this will be a picture heavy post so enjoy! A lot of these rooms are pretty well made so make sure to take the time to enjoy each one.

Brickroomz Part 1 

PinoyLUG really does a great job getting its members involved with their activities. I've been missing their events recently due to conflicts in schedule but I really look forward to their next projects.

Stay tuned for more entries  here at Nothing But Brick. Till next entry!

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