Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Look At Messymaru's reFrame Version 3 Brick Mecha Kit

This post is long overdue and it's only now that I finally had the time to write it. Today, I'll be featuring Lu Sim a.k.a. Messymaru's reFrame Version 3 Brick Mecha Kit. I bought the kit from Lu at TOYCON PH 2016 and I'm really glad I got it! Take a look at one of the most complex sets I've ever built. Here goes! 

First of all, I really love the DIY-feel of the kit's packaging. The box comes with a highly-detailed and well-printed instruction manual and several bags of bricks, most of which are parts that are seemingly hard to find for the casual Lego builder.   

If you're new into Lego and are interested in building mechs, Lu's kit is the way to go. He has thoughtfully included these rare pieces in the set. Aside from that, he's definitely one of the authorities in Lego mech building here given that most of the builders in the local Lego community have used his mech frame in their builds. 

Lu has kept on improving his mech frame and for its third iteration, he has added a cockpit for minifig pilots. It took me at least an hour building the mech frame. The instructions are fairly easy to follow. I was honestly awed by some of the building steps in the instructions and I mean it when I say it's the most complex set I've ever build. Complex not because it's hard to build, but because most of the parts usage isn't something you would normally see in an official Lego manual. It's evident that great amounts of time and effort were put into designing the whole thing, putting the pieces together and making it all work seamlessly.

The frame could perfectly stand on its own and most importantly, is very poseable given its highly articulate joints. It has several studs on its head, torso and limbs where a builder could add his/her pieces to flesh out his own mech design. From what I've seen with Lu's and the other mech builders' works, the frame can handle almost all types of design from light to heavy mechs. 

Lu's quest for perfection is evident with how his mech frame has evolved over the years. It's safe to say he's way ahead Lego and most of us with his mech game. Lego should really learn from Lu's initiative and cater to this niche especially with the upcoming release of Lego Voltron. There are a lot of people into mechs and Lego is a perfect tool to allow builders to flesh out their designs. 

By the way, if you folks are interested in Lu's works or are looking into availing the kit, you can drop by his website:

Thanks for reading another entry here at Nothing But Brick. Stay tuned for more Lego stuff real soon. Happy weekend, folks!

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