Thursday, July 19, 2018

Flora And Mecha @ PhLUG's Brickfast

Howdy, folks! As promised, here's a quick look at the MOCs displayed at PhLUG Brick Stores' 5th anniversary. PhLUG's Team PMS came up with several plant builds that are really amazing. Lu Sim was also there with his latest mech creations. Also, make sure to check out the short video clip at the end of the entry. Let's get to it!

One of the challenges for Lego builders is recerating plant life with bricks. The girls of Team PMS managed to pull it off with their neat MOCs. Good job, ladies!

Here're the mechs Lu brought at Brickfast. These are his latest builds and as always, they really look awesome in person. He also brought a prototype of his mech frame which is pretty cool.

As a bonus, attendees got to see this neat Groot figure built by Reiner Comentan. It actually dances, man! How neat is that! Reiner's work have been surfacing here in the blog and at brick events and they really are something.  

Hope you enjoyed today's post, folks! Stay tuned for more Lego stuff here at Nothing But Brick. Till next entry!

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