Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Happy 5th Anniversary, PhLUG Brick Stores!

Last weekend, PhLUG celebrated the fifth year anniversary of PhLUG Brick Stores. PBS, as it is often called, is PhLUG's way of helping the community meet its Lego needs via monthly meet-ups we call Brickfasts and through online brick shops as well. The local Lego community has thrived well over the past several years thanks to this set-up. Other Lego groups have used the same method in addressing the growing and varying needs of Lego fans here and I think PhLUG has contributed greatly to making this happen.

Just like every other Brickfast, the online sellers of PBS set-up shop at the venue with tons of neat Lego stuff to offer. Sets, minifigs, parts. You name it, it's most likely there. Collectors and builders alike have been frequent customers of PBS over the years. An alternative to the hihgly priced items sold at malls and even the Lego Certified Store is truly a sight for sore eyes to Lego fans here. 

What would Brickfast be without the cool displays of PhLUG's builders? It was Team PMS, PhLUG Sci-fi and mech master builder, Lu Sim a.k.a. Messymaru who showcased their builds last weekend. Will be posting separate entries for them MOCs so stay tuned for that!

PBS has played a significant role in providing the local Lego community with its needs. Whether you are a collector or a builder, PBS definitely got yo back! You can learn more about PhLUG and PBS here.

Stay tuned for more Lego stuff here at Nothing But Brick. Till next entry!

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