Tuesday, July 3, 2018

MOC Post: Another Exosuit!

Howdy, folks! This will be a quick post. I've been pretty busy with my new job lately which is why I haven't had much time updating the blog these past couple of weeks. I'm also preparing for several small MOC projects for PhLUG Scifi and I've spent my spare time chopping my recent builds and sorting bricks. I'm sure things will be less hectic in the coming months. Anyway, today's entry will be featuring an old MOC I built several years ago. Check it out!

This is the second exosuit I've made ever since I started MOCing. I built this off from the first suit I made which I featured in this entry. I just made the limbs longer and changed a few details. Modified several parts of the original suit particularly the hands, legs and feet. I also added energy blades which serve as the suit's primary weapons.

I've already chopped this build a long time ago, but just like the first exosuit, I plan to rebuild it soon. As soon as I have enough time, that is. Anyway, this exosuit and its predecessor are my early attempts at building mechs. This project somehow taught me a couple of things on how to build robots with humanoid limbs which is essential for building mechs. It's a good thing I kept these pics.

Thanks for reading another entry here at Nothing But Brick. Stay tuned, folks! Till next entry!

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