Saturday, July 21, 2018

PhLUG Scifi's Corridorfest

Last Brickfast, the boys of PhLUG Scifi had a little building exercise called "Corridorfest". The purpose of which is to showcase each of the members' building techniques by building long, monotonous corridors. This can help determine whose style the SIG can incorporate in upcoming projects. One dilemma it currently faces is how its members tend to not adhere to a certain building standard. Hopefully, activities like this could address this issue resulting to more coherent builds in the future. 

It's very interesting how each person's technique varies from how and which parts are used. The color scheme's also different per builder though LBG and DBG pieces are commonly used by the group. Build perspective and usage of space also changes per person. If there's one thing this exercise confirms, it's that each member of the group really has his own style to work with.

Hope you enjoyed this quick post here at Nothing But Brick. Stay tuned for more. Till next entry!

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