Friday, March 8, 2019

Mega Thrusters Are Go! "Lego" Voltron Force!

My last post focused on the stuff that may have caused me to drift away from blogging and Lego. For today's entry, I'll be featuring the one thing I feel got me back on track: building the Lego Ideas Voltron set. 

Pre-ordered my set from one of the local brick community's prominent online sellers, Sir Joppee Pascual. Finally had my hands on this humongous kit a couple of months ago and man, it was one helluva build. Took me more than eight hours to put the whole thing together. Breaks not included. hehe Yep, I had more than one break during this behemoth's construction. Standing at 15 inches tall, Lego Voltron is truly a wonder to behold.

Inside the box...
Let's have a look at what's inside this massive set. There's 17 bags: 16 for all the parts and 1 for the instruction manuals and stickers. Just like most new sets, the bags are numbered which really makes things easier when you're building. On with the build!

The Yellow Lion
If you follow the build order in the manuals, then you'll be starting with Hunk's Yellow Lion. Bag numbers 1,2 and 3 contains all the parts for the yellow beast which also forms Voltron's left leg.

I really like the shade of yellow used for most of the Yellow Lion's pieces. It's darker than the common yellow bricks found in current sets. I was truly surprised at how heavy and sturdy the lion was even in it's incomplete form after finishing just bag 1. There are no loose pieces or parts that easily come off when moving the thing around which I bet makes it really playable for kids.

The Blue Lion
Bags 4, 5 and 6 lets you build Sven and Allura's Blue Lion. Similar in size and weight with the Yellow Lion, Voltron's right leg is built almost the same way with some differences in color and detail.

I think it was around this point when I took a break. Really love how these two look in their lion form.

The Black Lion
Keith's Black Lion forms Voltron's torso which makes it the biggest out of all five lions. Takes five bags to build this beast and it's truly a sight to behold once you're done withit. This thing is huge and it's pretty solid. It also has a lot of neat details such as Voltron's face hidden inside the lion's jaws as well as the two red fins folded on its back. The crest on the Black Lion's cheset is also well designed.

The Red Lion
Lance's Red Lion is up next. Composed of parts from 2 bags, the Red Lion, as well as the Green Lion, is relatively smaller compared to the others. Despite it's smaller size, it's still highly detailed and it also managed to capture the lion's look and feel from the series. I really dig the silver parts used for the head.

The Green Lion
Finally, it's Pidge's Green Lion. Compared to the Red Lion, this one has a more slender and curvy body. Just like the Yellow and Blue Lions, I'm really amazed how the building instructions for these pairs start similarly at first then eventually diverge to flesh out each lion's specific look.

Lego Voltron has two main accessories: the Blazing Sword and the Spinning Laser Blade. Love how these two are built. In terms of size, these could very well fit a baby's fists. That's how big these things are. Lots of chrome pieces here as expected. By the way, I'm actually surprised at the number of extra parts included in the set. These will really useful for table scrap builds.

Finally done!
Here's the whole thing after putting all the parts together. My mech really pales in comparison to Lego Voltron! This is the probably the tallest Lego set I have ever built. Building it was truly a dream. If you're a fan of Voltron, then this set is a must have.

Before I end this entry, allow me to thank first and foremost, Sir Lendy Tayag who made this dream set possible with his Lego Ideas submission. You've really made us Voltron fan boys happy! Please continue to support his other submissions at the Lego Ideas website. I would also like to thank the tandem of Sir Joppee Pascual and Sir Jeff Elona for being a great help to me in getting this set. Really had a sweet deal with this one. You guys are truly awesome!

Anyway, that's it for now, folks! Wishing you all a fun weekend ahead. Till next entry!

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