Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Taipei Getaway! Brick Hunting @ Taiwan

Before the end of 2018, the Waifu and I took a short but sweet trip to Taiwan to cap off a pretty hectic and productive year. It was my first trip abroad and it definitely was a blast. The Waifu's in charge of our itinerary. I made sure that she added two of Taipei's well-known Lego shops to our list: Goldbricks and BidBuy4Utw. Check 'em out!  

We first dropped by Goldbricks which is at Datong District. It's a bit close to Taipei City Mall. You can actually walk from Taipei Main Station to get there. 

They were about to close when we arrived but we still managed to have a look around. Really dig the MOCs displayed at the store's entrance. Those sci-fi builds are really something!

There were also MOCs displayed at one corner of the shop. Check out that giant Lego dragon!

When it comes to merch, Goldbricks has plenty of stuff to offer. Parts, figs, baseplates, sets. These really made me giddy hehe

Just like most Lego shops, Goldbricks also has a Pick-a-Brick (PAB) wall and Build-a-Minifigure (BAM) area. MOCers and army builders would surely go crazy over these. 

Next stop is BidBuy4Utw. Found out about this shop from Brickfinder's blog post. Just discovered they have two branches in Taipei and we went to the branch near Shida Road at Da-an District. 

There are plenty of sets displayed on glass cabinets in the middle of the shop. Most of the sets are from lines released years ago. Now that's one helluva collection!

What I found really cool here is the variety of minifigures available at the store. They have figs from both old and new sets. Minifig collectors and completists would definitely spend lots of time here.

Apart from original figs, they also sell custom figures. Really dig the anime-themed figs they have there. We were on a tight budget which is why I really stopped myself from buying them figs. I actually had my eyes on the Yu Yu Hakusho and Slam Dunk minifigures. 

Here are BidBuy4Utw's PAB walls composed of new bricks for MOCers. 

I'm not really sure but I think this bin is for used pieces. There's an area for BAM as well. 

Check out some of the sets on their shelves.

I really enjoyed visiting them Lego shops. I love how homey both feel as compared to the more commercial atmosphere the Lego Certified Stores (LCS) here in the Philippines have. AFOLs from Taipei are really lucky since they have shops like these that have more variety compared to the LCS. 

By the way, Nothing But Brick is now on its third year! Thanks to everyone who still supports the blog. You guys are awesome! I'm gradually getting back into the hobby and hopefully, I'll be able to post entries regularly.  Stay tuned, folks!

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