Sunday, August 25, 2019

Scifi Faction # 1: Terran Mech Army

Hi, folks! It's been a while. I've been hoping to be more active in putting out more content in the blog. Unfortunately, I've been preoccupied with a lot of stuff which is why I've only made four entries this year. I realized it's hard to get back into groove when you've taken a long break. That wasn't the plan but that's what happened. Aside from that, I find myself drawn into other stuff lately. I haven't completely abandoned the brick though. Hopefully, I'll be more consistent this time around. For this entry, I'll be writing about a project I've been working on for the past couple of years.

I think I've mentioned in one of my entries before how I've always wanted to build myself a squadron of mechs and eventually a spaceship which will house the said mech army. Well, after two years, I finally have my squadron and I'm really happy with how it turned out. By the way, this is the first out of two factions I was able to build these past couple of years.

The faction which this unit belongs to is inspired by the Earth Federation from the Mobile Suit Gundam series. Basically, it is a highly advanced and heavily militarized nation that explores space and makes use of interstellar vessels and giant humanoid robots in protecting and expanding its domain. 

The squadron makes use of command and regular type mechs. Clad in white, the command type variant has thinner armor compared to the regulars but it can move faster and is more agile. The regulars on the other hand have thicker armor and are equipped with mounted weapons namely machine guns on each side of the head and missile pod launchers on the legs. 

The twenty-man strong squadron is sub-divided into four squads composed of one squad chief or officer and four regular squad members. There are three types of squads namely recon, assault and artillery. Each of the four squads is assigned a specific type. Currently, the squadron has one (1) recon squad, two (2) assault squads and one (1) artillery squad.

Recon Squad: three (3) sniper rifles, two (2) assault rifles

Assault Squads: three (3) assault rifles, one (1) rocket launcher, one (1) beam cannon

Artillery Squad: two (2) rocket launchers, one (1) beam cannon, two (2) assault rifles

There you have it, folks! The product of two years worth of collecting bricks and figs and also continuous attempts at improving an existing frame design of mine. I'm satisfied with how all of these turned out and I'm glad I can finally move on to other projects. Might revisit this again someday but not anytime soon. 

Up next! I'll be doing an entry on another project of mine: a space pirate mech army. Stay tuned for that! 

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